despite being scared On the birthday of young Jonathan Ospino Illera, several guests have already begun secretly giving information to the authorities. About what happened on Sunday morning, October 23.

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What is known so far is that a gunfight broke out in the middle of the celebration at the Mediterrané hut (in Puto Colombia). the gifts were high end vans and there were 8 contract groups including Beto Zabaleta and Diego Daza.

Two dead have already been identified: Ospino from Arroyohondo (Bolivar) and Rubén Ricardo Galea is a Venezuelan national.

Videos show exactly the moment Ospino hit Galea and the subject falls to the ground, mobilizing his weapon against the party.

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Eyewitnesses say that while a group of Ospinos was assisting, another approached the shooter and was attacked with a bottle at neck level..

According to forensic reports, Galea also noted three gunshot wounds to the chest, 2 wounds in the groin area, one wound to the thigh, and one more wound to the abdomen..

And although it has already been ruled out, The body of a young man thrown from a truck in the El Santuario neighborhood of BarranquillaIt has something to do with Salgar’s shooting, and it is being investigated whether there are other dead and hidden injuries.

Eyewitnesses claim several guests fired their guns and disappeared before the police arrived.

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“If a single Lexus truck (200 million pesos) took 42 hits, it’s impossible that there would be no more injuries,” one inspector said. Tall gun man screaming in videos identified.

“A relative of 21-year-old Ospino. appears in photos posing with a gun. Apparently semi-automatic Glock 17, caliber 9 millimeters, 15 cartridge capacity”, explained the researcher.

and confirmed it The long gun the Guest is carrying and the Police are trying to find is an AR-15 rifle, not an adapted some versions point out.

Now An attempt is made to establish a connection between Galea, whose throat was cut, and a man identified as Roberto Carlos Vega Daza..

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According to eyewitnesses, Roberto Carlos Vega Daza came to the party at Lexus with license plates QIF011. On behalf of Rafael Julio Vega Cuello, as announced by EL TIEMPO.

Moreover The link between another close friend of Ospino’s and Venezuelan capo Walid Makled, who was extradited to the United States, has been confirmed.

For now, It was determined that one of the injured was Sebastián Escorcia Pére.z.

However, new images in the hands of the authorities revealed other details of the events. One shows several guests fleeing from the Mediterrané hut across the Manatee Swamp..

Through testimonies, attempts are made to confirm the existence of several clans that are under the scrutiny of the authorities..

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Among them, ‘Kike’ Vega Daza, Escorcias and Ospinos.

In one of the videos you’ve seen Jonathan Ospino dances with his relatives; and in another where Diego Daza sings his birthday, It is possible to identify several guests at the fateful party.

Salgar residents told this newspaper that for months they had been complaining to the owners of the Mediterrané cottage about the parties there without following the schedules..

TIME determined that officials will speak to one of the owners in the United States. Apparently he was going to be told it was a private meeting, not a 200-guest party.

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In every situation, It was investigated how the rent of the luxury house with a pool, parking lot, garden and swamp view was paid and who contacted the owners..

Although the capture of 14 members of the ‘Gulf clan’ in Barranquilla temporarily diverts attention from the case, There are foreign officials who are taking care of some guests on Ospino Illera’s birthday. In addition, in Barranquilla, they demanded that the case be transferred to Bogotá so that the so-called drug lords in the party could be tried.

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For now, It is being investigated why two people who escaped from the cabin and were carrying firearms were released. According to local officials, they showed and released the current safety rules.

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