Recently, Samsung released a new ad to promote its newly launched wearable devices for fitness tracking, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2. Well done, video “night owls, In the free translation, it features a woman running through the streets of a suburb at dawn and tracking her progress on smart devices – something unlikely in many realities.

Although inspiring, considering the design presented, the ad loses its touch during its production, ignoring the daily lives of users, especially women. In addition to the unexpected scenario, the work also faces an unfortunate airtime that succeeds just months after Ashling Murphy’s death. Guard. The 23-year-old actress was attacked one afternoon while running alongside the Tullamore Canal in Dublin, Ireland.

Jamie Klingler, co-founder of the Reclaim These Streets project, comments in the newspaper about the episode (“Retome Estes Ruas” in Portuguese), he says: “It’s not safe to run at night and the last thing I want is for someone to invade our space while we’re trying to exercise” It’s almost laughable how bad this ad is”.

In the same context, Sahra-Isha Muhammad-Jones, founder of Asra, a running club for Muslim women, says the announcement scenario would only happen in an ideal world. He also points to another concern: “This could be a trigger for women who see this ad and then have to face what happened to women in this country,” she says.

Samsung’s response

After criticism, which can also be easily found in the comments section of the video on YouTube, Samsung acknowledged the issues pointed out by the media – but was justified in explaining that its initial intention was to propose a positive message about individual freedom.

“It was never our intention to remain indifferent to the ongoing conversation about women’s safety. As a global company with a diverse workforce, we apologize for how this may have been received,” the company said.

Source: Tec Mundo

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