Since January 2022, 9.4 million dekaliters of sparkling wine have been produced in Russia. This is almost 30% more than in the same period in 2021. The demand for domestic drinks increased amid rising prices and a decrease in the supply of foreign products, Vedomosti writes.

Production of sparkling wine in Russia increased by 30% in 2022

For three quarters, Kuban-Vino produced 26 million bottles (1.7 million decaliter), Derbent wine company – 1.75 million bottles (131.2 thousand decaliter). In Abrau-Durso, during this time, the increase has been 16% in the segment of classic sparkling wines and 4% in deposit wines.

According to Roskachestvo, in 2021, 7.5 million decaliter of sparkling wines were imported into Russia. The Federal Customs Service does not disclose information on import volumes this year. According to Vadim Drobiz, director of the Research Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets, imports of these drinks have decreased by about 35%. And by the end of 2022, the volume of sparkling wine imports may reach 4.9 million decaliter.

Difficulties with the availability of inexpensive foreign drinks led to the fact that retailers began to increase the range of Russian wines in the price category up to 400 rubles, said Alexander Stavtsev, director of the WineRetail information center. In this segment, according to him, the production of wines from national producers grows.

An increase in the production of domestic sparkling wine may lead to a shortage of raw materials next year, believes one of the main players in this segment. To solve problems with the raw material, companies are increasing the area of ​​vineyards planted, in addition to agreeing with small producers and farms to supply grapes.

Earlier it became known that the fast food restaurant chain Burger King will add wine to the menu. As an experiment, alcohol (stronger than beer) will be sold at the Vnukovo airport. The management of the network wants to study the demand and the reaction of the visitors. Sales of still and sparkling wines at Burger King restaurants at Vnukovo International Airport will start in 2023.

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