Steve Jobs is described as the “creative entrepreneur” who revolutionized personal computers., mobile devices, music and animations. Eleven years after his death, Co-founder of Apple, NeXT and Pixar remains a benchmark for creativity and innovation.

Then TecMundo It has compiled a list of books, movies and documentaries for those who want to delve deeper into Steve Jobs’ legacy of genius. Check out our tips!

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Steve Jobs (2011)

Steve Jobs The official biography of the entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple was written by Walter Isaacson.. The material is composed of more than 40 interviews with the inventor himself and numerous references from family, friends and colleagues.

Praised by literary critics, The book aims to show Steve Jobs’ life, career and perspective on various issues.. The publication has become an indispensable work for people working on innovation and creativity.

Little Fry: A Memoir (2018) book cover

Little Fry: A Memoir (2018)

Steve Jobs’ first daughter, Lisa Brenna-Jobs, is the author of the book. Little Fry: A Memoir. Moving away from the legendary figure behind Apple products the book tells more about the personality of the entrepreneur away from the tech companiesthis.

Interestingly, Jobs initially claimed that Lisa was not his daughter. However, the work reports on the father’s distance and the long road to the author’s recognition by the entrepreneur years before his death in 2011.

Unfortunately, little pup No Portuguese edition yet.


Ashton Kutcher played the creator of Apple in Jobs (2013).

Occupations (2013)

Occupations This was the first biography of the Apple co-founder after his death.. The actor who did an excellent job of characterization, Ashton Kutcher plays the protagonist in all stages of the “tech king”.

Initially, the production received a very warm reception from critics. In addition, Cupertino Giant fans found a few inaccuracies about the company’s history.

Occupations Available in the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video catalog.

In Steve Jobs (2015), actor Michael Fassbender takes on the role of co-founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Based on the biography written by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs highlights Michael Fassbender in his entrepreneurial role. Although it contains some contradictions about some facts, The film was praised for its informative vision and the building of the “Steve Jobs character”..

Interestingly, the script was adapted by Aaron Sorkin, who won an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Social network (2010). Moreover, the film is directed by Danny Boyle, who won the Oscar for best director. Who wants to be a millionaire? (2008).

Steve Jobs Can be rented through Google Play Movies.


Poster of Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy (2011) documentary.

Billion Dollar Hippie (2011)

Prepared by the BBC this Billion Dollar Hippie Depicts the “rise, fall and rise” of Steve Jobs. The documentary chronicles the inventor’s founding of Apple in 1976, his resignation in 1985, his time as head of NeXT, and his triumphant return to Apple in 1997.

Poster of the documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015).

Man in the Machine (2015)

Directed by Alex Gibney Man in the Machine rethinks the career of Apple’s creator through presentations, talks and interviews. Prepared with references from colleagues from Apple and NeXT, the material also analyzes the entrepreneur’s impact on the tech world.

Man in the Machine It can be rented on Telecine and Google Play Filmes.

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