October is cybersecurity awareness month and is a good time to reflect on how safe we ​​are and what our cyber risks are. In Latin America, this risk has increased with records of attacks on both public and private companies. 92% of companies in Brazil said they had been hacked. This affected his business last year.

While they continue to use traditional IT solutions such as servers, workstations and network devices, vulnerability management has been very helpful in understanding the most appropriate security action for them.

But in recent years, we have seen the consolidation of new structures such as cloud computing, microservices, and other devices that each need specialized tools to assess and identify the risk they can pose to organizations.

How can an exposure management strategy combat cyberattacks?

The result of all this evolution was the construction of an ever-expanding attack surface made up of complex, distributed, hybrid, interconnected tools that generate massive amounts of data. This complicates preventive protection actions and becomes a complete slab for cybercriminals to act more often.

Against this background, it is crucial to adopt an exposure management strategy. It is a siled assessment methodology that collects and analyzes the fragmented information generated by technological solutions and clearly translates the types of risks that could expose companies to an attack.

In this way, CISOs and security leaders can proactively make decisions and precedes the actions of cybercriminals.

An exposure management program provides benefits such as a complete view of the entire attack surface, precise remediation prioritization for vulnerabilities and exposure types, easy-to-understand key performance indicators (KPIs), and communication to track and benchmark progress over time. analyzes.

cyber security

Criminals don’t adopt attack strategies alone, so why would security teams? Investing in platforms that answer key questions to ensure intelligent security is to modernize your protection and put yourself three steps ahead of tangibly mitigating risk.

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