Nearly half of Russians have no money savings, the SuperJob survey showed. At the same time, every fifth participant in the study considers their level of financial education to be high, approximately the same number will be able to live on their savings for up to two months.

Half of Russians have no money savings: survey

1.6 thousand people over the age of 18 participated in the survey of the job search service SuperJob. 47% of them said they had no savings at all.

Among those with a financial cushion, one in five (18%) will be able to live on their savings for up to two months, 9% – up to six months, 6% – up to a year. Only 5% of those surveyed will be able to live without current income for more than a year, the survey showed.

21% of survey participants reported a high level of financial literacy, 56% rated it as average, and only 12% said their level of financial literacy is low.

The proportion of Russians who have no money savings has been growing since 2008, according to the results of similar surveys. If in 2019 40% of respondents spoke of the absence of a financial buffer, in 2008 there were 28% of such respondents.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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