What’s up? It has positioned itself as the most used instant messaging application for communicating with our friends and loved ones. It is true that this Meta (Facebook) service has Telegram as a great alternative, but it is still a very successful tool that continues to attract new users.

Part of the merit of the elders whatsapp success The fact that the team behind the development of this instant messaging service hasn’t stopped adding new functionality to get the most out of the service makes it go away.

And if you know the tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp, you’ll find that you can get a lot out of this instant messaging service that offers more than you ever imagined. And today we will teach you How to add music to your WhatsApp statuses in a very simple way.

Learn how to add music to your WhatsApp statuses in a very simple way

For example, we’ve previously covered how you can recover messages you’ve accidentally deleted or how you can differentiate your voicemails to surprise your friends and loved ones.

And today we will announce a t.very interesting ruco and it will let you add music to give WhatsApp statuses a different touch. As you’ll see later, cheating is very simple, so it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to do it.

In this way, you will be able to create a different WhatsApp status that will attract much more attention. And be careful, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to do this.

The only thing for this For example, you’ll need an account on a streaming music platform like Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music. Note that Spotify has a free version, albeit with ads, if you don’t have any subscriptions, but it will be more than enough to add music to your WhatsApp statuses.

Now all you have to do is Play the song you want to use when saving WhatsApp status. You will find that the music is automatically placed like part of the video and achieves the desired effect.

We told you before that WhatsApp is a very simple trick to use and it will allow you to make a difference with others when you create a new status. So feel free to put it into practice for your friends to envy.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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