Wireless headphones in the model in recent years true wireless featured in the audio category. This Airpods Professional It is one of the most desired products by consumers who are passionate about good sound quality.

this year apple It has launched the 2nd generation AirPods Pro and sales have started recently. Recently. But is the new model much different from the previous one?

In this comparison, we put the two headphones side by side and show their key features.


If you like the design of the first Airpods Pro, the new model retains practically the same appearance which blessed Apple. The differences are pretty subtle, as is the addition of more touch controls to the haters. Previously, it was only possible to pause, play sounds and skip tracks, but now the user can swipe up or down to increase and decrease the volume.

Maintaining the aluminum standard, the build reaffirms the premium status of Airpods Pro. Another change that should not be noticed too much is that the rubbers on the tip of the earphones, which come with an extra larger size this time, fit wider ears.

While the charging case keeps the same size and shape, it continues with a Lightning-type connector for charging, which may disappoint those hoping to get a USB Type-C port.

In addition, there are still some audio outputs on the back of the case to help locate the set via the Precision Search system integrated into the iPhone.

sound quality

Airpods Pro 2 earphones have superior sound quality compared to its predecessor. The main reason for this is H2 chip placementAdaptive Equalization feature that enhances three-dimensional sound, and intelligently adjusts music to create sharper highs and lows.

this Apple/Reveal

also Apple’s first Airpods Pro used the H1 chipwhich brings a good revolution to their device, but because it is older, it is inferior as a result. The 1st generation added to this processor had two skin sensors, so the headphones “understood” where they were placed (pocket, backpack or ears), but the new version of the wireless headset only has one.

Features and connectivity

A great feature that comes with Airpods Pro 2 earphones is, Custom Spatial Sound. The function uses the iPhone’s True Depth camera to scan the user’s head and ears. According to the firmware engineers of the Airpods division, the goal is “to ensure that every person has a unique audio experience”. However, it is worth noting that the function will also come to Airpods Pro 1 thanks to the iOS 16 update.

The launch of new headphones is also Bluetooth 5.3 connectivityThe 2019 handset uses version 5.0 of the technology, improving data transmission between devices.

noise canceling

Noise canceling is perhaps one of those features that fans of good wireless headphones look forward to testing on new devices. The first Airdpods Pro already did a good job in this regard, but the experience seems to be even better now thanks to the processor improvements in the new model.

s Apple/Reveal

Apple gives hope Up to 2x performance for ANC, while listening to music or talking on a call. The Artificial Intelligence of the processor offers better quality to the user by separating unwanted sounds such as bird sounds, car sounds, parallel conversations of people around you.


Finally, the battery of the new Airpods headset has gained a very welcome boost. Now, the energy autonomy of the gadget 6 hours of direct playbackand up to 30 hours with the charging case. In the previous model, it was possible to use the phone for 4 or 5 hours, and up to 24 hours with the case.

price and availability

Airpods Pro 2 is now officially available in Brazil and costs R$2,599 on the Apple website. The original Airpods Pro are no longer available on the Apple website, but can be purchased from retailers for around R$1,750.

What is the best?

Image: Apple Headphones, AirPods Pro
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Apple Airpod Pro Bluetooth Headset has a microphone and noise canceling. It is water and sweat resistant, has personal assistant support, charging case and call management.

Image: Apple Headphones, AirPods Pro 2nd Generation
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Apple’s New Wireless Headset with Advanced Features! 6 hours of audio, spatial sound, active noise cancellation and adaptive ambient mode and other features from just 1 charge.

The 2nd generation Airpods earphones win in almost every aspect compared to the first model. But the price difference of almost 1000 reals between the models is a big obstacle for many.

Even investing in the 2019 model, the user will have a smooth sound quality, noise canceling and iPhone integration, and definitely a far above average wireless headset.

Now, if money is no problem, the new version is one of the best options on the market.

Source: Tec Mundo

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