This gmail owner Incognito Mode allowing to send self-destruct emails After the time set by the sender has expired. With it, you can securely send messages and other content without the recipient having to forward, copy, print or download attachments.

In addition, the mod has extra options such as the content can be viewed with a password that can only be sent via SMS or a separate email.

Today TecMundo It teaches you how to enable Gmail’s confidential mode and send secure messages on the service. Check out:

How to send email with Gmail Confidential Mode?

1. Open Gmail on your computer or smartphone;

2. Click the option to compose a new email;

3. Then click “Change incognito mode” at the bottom of the screen as shown in the picture below;

Click the clock lock icon at the bottom of the screen to enable Gmail's Confidential Mode

4. Next, you will need to set a deadline for the email, ie until when it can be seen by the recipient(s);

You can choose any date so that the email self-destructs and no one else can access its content.

5. It is also possible to choose a password so that the person receiving the e-mail can open the content. It will be sent by SMS, which is necessary for the notification of the recipient’s mobile phone number;

If the password option is enabled, the recipient will need a password sent via SMS to access the content.

6. If you choose “No password with SMS”, only Gmail users can see the content of the email. For users of other e-mail services, the password will also be sent by e-mail;

7. After selecting the options and sending the email, the recipient will have until the selected day to view the content. However, you can change it at any time and remove access to the message at any time.

You can revoke access to the content at any time, even if the email is still within the stipulated time.

That’s it, now that you know how to enable Gmail’s Confidential Mode, you can safely send email without the message content being duplicated, copied, printed or forwarded to others without your consent.

And you still have doubts? Tell us here in the comments.

Source: Tec Mundo

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