We already knew that Paramount had new content in the Sonic universe, but we didn’t expect it so soon. Finally, to everyone’s surprise, we have the first trailer for Knuckles, the porcupine series that, of course, features… unrecognizable Idris Elba in the title role.

Knuckles will have a limited release, at least for now, through Paramount+, which is only available today in the US, so we don’t know when it will release outside the US (or on what service). What we do know is its release date, which, as you can see from the trailer below, will be next. April 26, 2024 Additionally, Paramount mentions that the series will air on April 27 on everyone additional Paramount+ territories and in Japan later this year. So the service may soon appear in Spain and other countries.

We also knew thatThis will be a 6 episode limited series. A mini-series that is more like a long film than a traditional series, for which more seasons are expected. Regardless, the Sonic universe is one of the most important in popular culture, and given the success of his films (with all the previous laughs), it was logical that he would make the jump to television in the format of live-action series.

Watch the Knuckles trailer

The new live-action series will take Knuckles (Idris Elba) on a fun, action-packed journey of self-discovery when he agrees to train Wade (Adam Pally) as his protégé and teach him the ways of the echidna warrior.

The showrunner of the series is John Whittington, who, by the way, was also the screenwriter of the film Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The series, of course, will have nothing in common with either the latter or the previous ones in terms of plot and will be placed between the second film and the one that will premiere on December 20th.

The remaining names accompanying Knuckles are its authors: Brian Schacter and James Madejski.

Source: Hiper Textual

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