The carrying capacity of drones is depressingly small – at best, they carry a payload of no more than 30% of their own weight, and for many models it does not decrease even by 10%. This isn’t a problem as long as it’s normal transport within two or three city blocks, but what if you need to urgently deliver food to those stranded in monitors? Swiss engineers from EPFL have developed a drone specifically for this purpose, which you can … eat.

The idea is based on two possessions. First, fixed-wing UAVs fly much farther than helicopter multicopters. Secondly, the wing does not have any difficult tasks – in fact, it is a fixed plate. In the design of the airframe, this is the largest element, which accounts for up to 50% of the ohm. So why not make the wing removable?

Swiss engineers put before the choice on foamed rll l l cakes, the mechanical properties of which. The cakes cut into six-time shifts were glued together with gelatin and coated with np n ec. The resulting wings were attached to a frame with a motor and tail, and it turned out to be a single region. He takes a container with 80 ml of water, plus the edible wings themselves for 330 kcal – this is the equivalent of a razomivo. In this case, the probability can be scaled depending on the task.

edible drone

Source: Tech Cult

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