bill gatesThe founder of Microsoft is a world-renowned billionaire. His knowledge, contribution and wealth are all part of the imagination of an entire generation that has grown up being transformed by the internet and technology.

With Steve Jobs – possibly – The biggest names in tech in the early 2000sEven before I met Elon Musk and others.

The history of Microsoft’s creation has already been extensively and extensively researched – many people already know about it. But perhaps most interesting is the time before this transformation. Aspect Was Bill Gates in high school and college? What role did this training play in the trajectory of one of history’s greatest computer geniuses?

Bill Gates at school

Bill Gates’ basic education was developed in Seattle (Washington), the city where he was born and raised. He attended public schools until the 6th grade and, under the influence of his family, transferred to Lakeside, a private institution.

The two of them feared for the sake of the boy, who had a more solitary behavior and almost always preferred to be alone, which could make him the target of bullying.

Although Bill Gates wasn’t entirely sure of the change at the time, he eventually relented. In a lecture he gave at school in 2005, he said:[…] I wasn’t really sure about that. Back then, Lakeside was an all-male school where you wore a jacket and ties, called your teachers “masters,” and went to church every morning. For a while I even considered not passing the entrance exam.”

“I decided to give my best in the race, and luckily I entered. Now I’m ready to finally say what no kid wants to say, especially in public: “Dad, you and Mom were right.” Done.

Lakeside and Paul Allen

So, despite the doubts, there seems to be something taught there. turning point for billionaire: “The lakeside was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m glad to be here to say a few words about my time here. […].

Bill Gates and Paul Allen at Lakeside School

After all, Bill also left behind average and reasonable grades at this school, and he became much more focused and got much better grades. He also had the opportunity to connect with some computers for the first time, and Working with Paul Allen – Co-founder of Microsoft.

“The experience and insight that Paul Allen and I have gained here gave us the confidence to build a company based on this crazy idea that no one agreed with – computer chips would be so powerful that, along with software, it would become a tool that could be used on a desk in any home.”, he said. commented Gates.

At Lakeside, using computers – supporting students to learn on their own with much greater freedom, without usage limitations – has made all the difference. As a result, Gates says, “Without Lakeside, there would be no Microsoft.”

Bill Gates in college

Bill Gates’ relationship with college was very different from his high school days. Not that he didn’t appreciate his time at Harvard, but that he had other plans for himself.

Gates entered Harvard as a Mathematics and Law student in 1973, and his rise within the institution was rapid. It was quickly praised developing an algorithm to solve an unresolved problem from your teacher.

As mentioned earlier, Gates had other plans for the future. After two years at Harvard, he took a “break” from his studies to found the computer software company Microsoft with his partner Allen.


The initial idea was that it was a break. He would go back to school if his plan didn’t work. As we all know, he studied very well and Bill Gates never went back to college. But 30 years later he received an honorary doctorate.

Like Lakeside, the billionaire has a particular fondness for the time he spends there, and in one of his speeches said that Harvard “was an extraordinary experience… Academic life was fascinating. I would attend many classes I didn’t sign. until.” .

This is a summary of what Bill Gates was like during his high school and college years. Despite his short tenure at the university and having more opportunities than many other young people,know that not everyone has the same luck – especially if they drop out of school like him.

That’s why Bill and his wife, Melinda, are now world-renowned philanthropists through the Foundation that bears their name. Among other actions, The institution also invests in education.

Source: Tec Mundo

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