The Russian startup Hover, which develops an unmanned aerial taxi, has begun the certification of its development as a civil aircraft. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to Hover CEO Alexander Atamanov.

Startup Hover began the certification of its flying taxi

According to him, the first commercial flights are scheduled to start in 2025.

The company is working on the certification of the development together with specialists from the Moscow Aviation Institute.

According to Atamanov, Hover is also working on a new version of air transport with more advanced flight safety parameters.

The company has been developing the drone since 2019. The device is designed for two passengers, vertical takeoff and landing, can rise to a height of up to 150 meters and accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour. The battery holds a charge for about 40 minutes.

Hove taxi drones were tested in Moscow in January 2021.


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Source: RB

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