One of the things users do What’s up? is the ability to use an account on at least one other device. Until now, the only way to achieve this was to instantly access the web version of the messaging app, but that will change… and it looks like it will soon.

According to the information received, the company has started to distribute a function that fully responds to what we mentioned earlier in the test version for Android (exclusively for now). Its name is friend (Companion mod might translate this) and with it it is possible to use one WhatsApp account on two different phones. So you don’t have to deal with complex usage to do it anymore.

One thing that is positive and is clear from the published information is that, as with the desktop version, the main phone will not need to be powered on for the second phone to fully use all the features. options of the messaging app we are talking about. In other words, after synchronization, each team works differently. Independent. And it’s pretty successful.

A very easy installation process

This is something that can be seen in the image we left after this paragraph. When accessing the option to join the two phones, you will be prompted to enter the phone number on the first phone with which you have an account, and then use the option. sync device appears in a drop-down menu. When you press the next button, you will see the steps to be followed on the new phone and also QR code which should be scanned. That is, the process is very similar to what is available for computer versions.

New Compaion Mode in WhatsApp


Once you use camera The process is almost instantaneous for the second mobile to read the code in question, and from that moment WhatsApp can be used independently on two phones by sharing one account. One more step should be said in this section to get closer to what Telegram already offers, which is quite far from the Meta client.

Currently in WhatsApp tests

To use Companion for WhatsApp, you must have Android devices with: version, because otherwise it will not be possible to perform the synchronization operation. It is not clear when this function will be activated for everyone, but since it is very important, it is normal that it will take at least a month. So it’s normal to expect Companion Mode to become a reality in the stable version of the app in 2023.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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