A very short note about one of the best programs I have ever bought for Mac.

Since relatively recently, I have been using the MacBook Air M2 as my main laptop for work. A lot happens in the good, but after iMac’s big screens, I constantly run into lack of screen space. I would like to relink several windows, fix them in different ways, but macOS does not know how.

The best that the system can offer is the not very convenient two-window mode. Scattering 2 windows horizontally or maybe 4 windows on an external display quickly and quickly is already beyond the capabilities of macOS. Comes “handles” to change the size of windows.

I won’t lie if I say that window management in Windows is now more advanced and even more convenient than in macOS. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it instantly equalizes both operating systems in this matter.

The program is called Magnet and costs 279 rubles in the App Store.


The essence of Magnet lies in the name: the program “magnetizes” windows to the screen borders and automatically resize them. You can use two methods: either drag the window header to the desired screen border, or enter one of 18 keyboard shortcuts (they can be changed).

If you unhook a “magnetized” window into free mode, it will return to a reasonable size.

The magnet works flawlessly with multiple displays of all resolutions simultaneously. In addition to “relocation”, you can center or expand any window, as well as transfer them to other connected displays.

Layout of windows on an external display. I did it literally in 3 seconds using Magnet shortcuts

Thanks to this program, I now instantly tidy up open windows on the relatively small MacBook Air display, easily work in multiple applications at the same time and quickly shuffle a window between monitors.

Along with the Vinegar extension for Safari, Magnet has long been at the top of the list of the most popular paid apps for macOS. Very often for those who work a lot on their Mac, and several windows are observed at the same time.

Let me remind you, 279 rubles in the App Store.

Source: Iphones RU

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