In these times when security in mobile terminals is often lacking, all steps taken to increase it are welcome. And apparently, Whats up they have already decided to make a qualitative leap in this matter. We tell you what happened.

For a long time, there has been speculation about the possibility that the well-known messaging app (currently the most widely used in the world) will finally make a significant leap forward in ensuring that nothing and no one sees the conversions. there is a contact. And the way to achieve this is, end-to-end encryption when using chat. Therefore, it is equal to what many of its competitors offer… such as Telegram.

What exactly does this mean?

Well, before you have to do anything, before the information you send to someone is revealed, encrypt and as a result, no one can block them to know what’s inside (and this also applies to WhatsApp itself). Well and how the receiver has the key that allows the data to be decrypted., this will be the only person who can read the text or see the image you shared. It’s a great option that has long been used in the tech industries, but now the company owned by Meta appears to be taking the necessary steps for integration.

encryption in WhatsApp


Implementing this does not restrict any of the features available in the app, nor does it slow down delivery times. However, for everything to run smoothly, for now this new functionality has only been seen in the trial version of Android (but will soon be available for iOS versions and computers as well): This means you want it speed up the implementation process. Thats a very good new!

No problem on WhatsApp

We say this because users will not notice anything about the use of end-to-end encryption because all they will notice is a Message indicates at the bottom of the screen that this new function is active, so you should remain calm when chatting with someone. We’ll see how long it will take for this new option to be implemented in WhatsApp, but with problems from Pegasus, you’re sure to want to shorten the deadlines radially (so it wouldn’t be surprising if everything is available next month).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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