Black Friday 2022 is approaching. Officially taking place on November 25, tends to create some uncertainty in some people, mainly fear from some blows🇧🇷

To help you make your purchases safely, Technology World Spoke with HostGator’s digital security expert, Igor de Andrade, to get some tips on how to avoid major scams during Black Friday 2022.

See below how you can protect yourself and shop safely throughout your business history!

1 – Phishing Scam

One of the most commonly executed scams during big sales periods is celebrity phishing. inside, criminal trials Unlawfully obtaining data to make unauthorized purchases, including ID number, bank passwords or credit card number. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to promotions that look fake on Black Friday 2022, as the offer can be a bait.

“One of the most exploited scams is phishing scams, where the attacker tries to post content (social engineering) that is attractive to the user, whether it’s a product with a price well below market or a high discount on a possible purchase. call, avoid shortened links to promotions, and be very careful with e-mail promotions,” explains Andrade.

2 – WhatsApp scam

With the advancement of technology, it has become common to see various purchase offers coming through WhatsApp. However, there is little maintenance: The sole purpose of some of these attempts may be to trick you into a scam.

“The products offered on WhatsApp should be thoroughly analyzed, as links sent through Messenger can lead to a phishing scam. One tip is to avoid shops and advertisements on social networks,” emphasizes the HostGator expert. “Search Reclame Aqui and see the list of safe Procon stores to plan your Black Friday shopping”.

3 – Pix pulse

Scams involving Pix are becoming more common; so it’s worth paying attention purchases made through social networksas there is always a chance to be approached by a scammer.

“Pix scams are often practiced on social networks. It’s best to use this payment method only on department store websites. Paying with exaggerated discounts through Pix can be a trap,” says Andrade.

“Attention here will be crucial for a safe purchase. Research the reputation of the store and check the URL link before making any purchases to make sure you’re in the right place and not in a planned scam by malicious people,” the digital security expert said. continues. .

4 – Counterfeit products

Counterfeit products also tend to pose a danger during long sales periods. There is always the risk of taking home a fake instead of the original. however, beware of miraculous promotions or very unrealistic promotions.

“Beware of items that are priced well below the market, as counterfeit items can be sold as if they were real. In case of a lesser known shop, it’s always worth doing research: again, do a search on Reclame Aqui and see the shop’s reputation. make sure you get something authentic”, she said. explains Andrade.

5 – Fake website

Finally, It’s always important to beware of fake websites that usually pop up around these times. False promotions can also lead you to a non-existent store, often by changing some information in the address unnoticed by the user. “Accessing a fake website can be a problem, as the creators of these pages often have the intention of installing a keylogger on their machine to steal data,” Andrade warns.

Which products are cheaper on Black Friday?

“To avoid these actions, always check if the page has an address that starts with HTTPS (the security protocol for web browsing). On the Reclame Aqui website, search for the store you want and click “Change Site”, check that the site is correct and that before It’s possible to verify that it’s the same site you clicked on.”

Another tip given by the expert is to always check the available data on the ticket or when creating a Pix to make sure the information comes from the right store. “Always try to verify the name or CNPJ,” the digital security expert concludes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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