Meta would have fired dozens of employees who sold access to some Facebook and Instagram accounts. Wall Street Magazine reports that contractors have abused an internal system that allows you to reset your account in case you forget your password. Workers working as security guards took bribes for allowing hackers to gain illegal access on account.

According to the report, the defendants used by Oops (online operations), internal system through which workers can restart their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Oops allows you to associate an email address with a reset account and is used in very specific cases. guards they received thousands of dollars from people who wanted to take over the account.

After an investigation, Meta laid off over 25 employeess and assured that he would take action against those who carry out such fraudulent schemes.

People selling fraudulent services are always targeting online platforms, including ours, and are adapting their tactics in response to detection methods commonly used in the industry.

Meta representative

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the company has discovered that its employees are selling access. In July 2021 fired a security guard for allow third parties to control Instagram accounts. Kendel Melbourne, a contractor for Allied Universal, was charged with violating the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Melbourne reportedly dumped 20 family, friends and confidant accounts using the Oops system, which he said was a “job benefit”. After being contacted by Meta’s lawyers, the former employee denied committing fraud and said that the company never instructed him according to the rules of the international systemor.

Facebook account access is a business that involves employees and third party agencies.

Sale of Facebook and Instagram accounts in Meta
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Meta’s investigation revealed one of the biggest problems facing the company. StopFacebook or Instagram account recovery uses an automated system where typical data is requested, such as email or mobile phone number. If you do not have access to them, you go to the second level, where you can enter the previous password or check if there is a connection with external applications.

Getting support from an employee when someone hacks into your account is next to impossible. Although staff working at Meta may access the Oops system, its use is limited to accounts of celebrities, friends or family members of employees. This is why outsiders pay workers to recover accounts or illegally access others.

Selling access or paying for an account recovery service is against Facebook’s terms of service. It didn’t stop agencies charge influencers to restore their profile in case something goes wrong. Companies that offer this service They have contacts in Metawho use Oops to get the job done.

With regard to illegal access, hackers go directly to contractors and pay thousands of dollars to gain control over other people’s accounts. Meta’s investigation found that the guards received cryptocurrency payments for their services. While those involved deny the facts and claim they did it for friends and family accounts, the truth is that their actions expose another security issue facing the Meta.

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