Jeff Bezos announced his intention to donate most of his fortune to charity. According to the latest data, the fortune of the founder of Amazon is estimated at 124.1 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos announced his intention to donate most of his fortune to charity

The founder of Amazon and number 4 on the Forbes list, American businessman Jeff Bezos, said in an interview with CNN that he intends to donate most of his fortune to charity.

Bezos did not specify exactly how much he was talking about, but according to the latest data, the Amazon founder’s fortune is estimated at $124.1 billion.

The businessman also did not say to whom exactly he was going to transfer part of his fortune, but explained that he would allocate a significant part of the capital to combat climate change and support people “who unite humanity in the face of social division.”

The television channel recalled the existence of the Bezos Earth Fund, founded by Jeff Bezos. The businessman transferred $10 billion to him in the last 10 years.


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