The Apple Desktop Update brings a host of new options and features to Mac computers. One of the interesting features is the generator of background sounds that occur or vice versa – they occur with a high frequency of problems.

To the point: How to enable background sounds in iOS 15. There is the sound of rain, the sounds of the ocean and white noise

Options has been moved from the iOS mobile search engine, where it appeared last year.

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How to enable background sounds in macOS Ventura

one. Go to System Preferences – Accessibility – Sound.

2. Activate toggle switch Background sounds and choose the right accompaniment. Available options are Rain, Stream, Ocean, Dark Noise, Soft Noise, and Balanced Noise.

3. Below you can adjust the volume and mute when the computer enters standby mode.

four. Has the ability to quickly enable and disable background sound, panel sections System Preferences – Control Center and activate the option Hearing for the menu bar or curtain with switches.

Now you can quickly add a new feature, change the background sound or adjust its volume.

Source: Iphones RU

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