For a monthly fee of just 2.99 euros, you get unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video. The American company releases new titles on its streaming service every month. What new movies, TV series and documentaries are you waiting for in May? That’s what’s new in Amazon Prime Video.

The Magpie Murders (season 1)

six part series magpie murders Based on the book of the same name by Anthony Horowitz. This compelling story focuses on young editor Susan Ryeland. He works for pessimistic thriller writer Alan Conway. The stunning author is working on the latest episode of the popular series about detective Atticus Pünd.

As soon as Susan sees the sketch, it becomes clear that the story isn’t over yet. When he receives the news that Anthony Horowitz has died under suspicious circumstances, he has no choice. It should complete the story. Susan doesn’t need to use her own imagination for this. The woman discovers that the book is based on a true story.

Reyeland is forced to travel to Alan Conway’s last residences to collect the final puzzle pieces of the story. This isn’t exactly risk-free. The Magpie Murders can be seen from May 5th.

The Savages (season 2)

It took a while, but season 2 will finally air on May 6th. savages on Amazon Prime Video. In the first season, eight teenage girls are stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. Gradually, it turns out that the plane crash was not accidental, because unconsciously young women are part of a rather sinister experiment. They do everything they can to survive.

In season 2, a new group of subjects are stranded on a desert island after a shipwreck. This time, it’s about a series of young men doing everything they can to survive. It goes without saying that the two groups will eventually meet. The second season consists of eight episodes.

Bosch: Legacy (season 1)

Bosch: Legacy revolves around private detective Harry Bosch. Until recently, he worked for the Los Angeles Police Department, but the ambitious man is ready for a career change. His first job seems to hit the target right away. Billionaire Whitney Vance struggles with fragile health and Harry is tasked with finding his sole heir. In practice, this turns out to be an almost impossible task as few powerful people oppose it. It is in their interest that the heir cannot be found.

During his search, Bosch, along with attorney Honey Chandler, uncovers shocking information about Vance’s family. Let the game of billions begin! Bosch: Legacy will be available on May 6th.

Night Sky (season 1)

Sci-fi fans beware! The promising drama will air on May 20 night sky on the streaming platform. Young couple Irene and Franklin York discover a private room in their backyard one day. After the two of them take their places, they go to an unknown planet.

Slowly but surely the couple gets used to their private garden. They decide not to share their secrets with anyone. The Yorks suddenly come in contact with a mysterious young man who threatens to change Irene and Franklin’s lives forever. It turns out that the room in the garden contains many more riddles. Night Sky consists of eight exciting episodes.

Ten Percent (season 1)

New Series Ten percent It’s about a management agency from London. When the founder dies, managers try to keep the agency afloat. They do everything they can to please their demanding customers (mostly young talents). This seems to be the only way to solve the financial problems of the management office. Ten Percent is a remake of the French drama Call My Agent. Episodes can be watched from May 6th.

All James Bond Movies

James Bond fans are advised to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video starting May 30. From then on, all the secret agent’s adventures will appear on the streaming platform, including the blockbuster movie that came out last year. No Time to Die† Don’t wait too long to watch, because 25 movies are only available for a limited time.

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