Elon Musk for Apple’s attack. In the viewfinder the App Store Cost, a thorny issue that has often been at the center of various disputes and just as many legal disputes. Apple takes a 30% commission on App Store transactions, which drops to 15% for developers enrolled in the Small Business Developer Program.

“It’s Practically One” 30% internet costs,” argued the Tesla and SpaceX founder, adding that the practice is definitely “not okay”. In short, Apple should change its business model out of the blue. “The fees are literally ten times higher than they should be,” he later said in a second tweet.

In the recent past, several companies have questioned Apple’s aggressive transaction fee policies. In some cases, the matter was taken to court. Not only does the App Store impose extremely high commissions, but in fact the ecosystem of iOS does not allow alternative solutions: Contrary to what happens on Android, it is not possible to install alternative app stores on iPhones. Developers looking to bring their applications to iPhones and iPads have no choice.

Epic Games had tried to enforce the rules of the App Store by introducing its alternative payment method on Fortnite, to avoid Apple having to pay a 30% commission. Moral? The game was permanently removed from the store catalog and Epic heavily lost its lawsuit against Apple.

Things won’t necessarily stay that way forever, at least not on this side of the Atlantic. The EU discusses an important bill: the Digital Markets Actwhich could force Apple, among other things, to accept sideloading and alternative app stores.

Source: Lega Nerd

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