The domestic hexacopter named “Hornet”, a key purpose, which is provided for dispersing illegal mass actions using ultrasonic and infrasonic weapons, has successfully completed a survey, including the participation of volunteers in the amount of 100 people.

According to Vitaly Dolgov, head of the “unmanned laboratory” of the NIIVK named after. discomfort.

The long-term use of Hornet’s seizures is said to be absolutely harmless to humans, and the discomfort caused is temporary, but when exposed to data, people lose this place.

When using the Shershnya infrasound equipment, the sensations in people resemble the so-called “seasickness”, including attacks of nausea, dizziness, as well as an uncomfortable state of the human body. Once people have detected infrasound, symptom data disappears completely.

In addition to performing such not-so-pleasant tasks, Hornet can detect detected detection and eliminate various consequences. Emergency.

Source: Tech Cult

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