one thing Good night and quite another to wake up well. We may think we’ve had enough sleep; but still, we wake up as if we were hit by a bus. Sometimes fatigue it even lasts all day and is linked to the following night. And start again. To prevent this from happening, it is not enough to sleep 8 hours, you need to take into account other factors. For this reason, a group of scientists from UC Berkeley analyzed what rules we must follow in order to wake up with energy.

Obviously, as can be read in a study that has just been published in Connection with natureone of these rules sleep enough hours. But there is more. For example, it is important physical exercise and take adequate breakfast. Okay, we’ll have breakfast when we wake up. However, if we choose the right food, this feeling that we were hit by a bus can disappear.

Finally, there are other factors that cannot be controlled, such as: age or mood. But at least by changing others, we can try to achieve a good awakening that will keep us awake for most of the day.

Sleep well and wake up even better

This study involved 833 peopleof which a significant proportion were in pairs twins. It was decided to include them because their results are very useful for checking if the problem is basically genetic or environmental. We must not forget that, unlike twins, their DNA is practically identical, so it is to be expected that they will have the same results in purely genetic matters, but will have differences in the environment. In this case, essentially, we wanted to be able to isolate the possibility that there are people who are genetically better endowed. stay alert after sleep.

All participants had to answer some surveys about your habits. They asked, of course, about sleep. But also because of their diet, training or mood.

Thus, they confirmed that longer sleep and later awakening in the morning are associated with a better state of alertness. Logical. But in order to achieve this state of vigilance, it was also necessary to maintain good exercise program during the day. D have a proper breakfast.

It was observed that people who had breakfast higher in carbs woke up in a better state of wakefulness than those who based their breakfast primarily on squirrels. But be careful when talking about carbohydrates, we are not to be confused with free sugars from juices, cookies or pastries.

This was confirmed by giving some participants pure glucose drink like breakfast. In these cases, the feeling of vigilance was drastically reduced, so spikes in glucose levels during breakfast can be seen as a negative.


Limitations and things you can’t control

The fourth factor that increased the vigilance of the participants was their youth and state of mind. However, this is something that is logically impossible to control, so it is necessary to focus primarily on three other factors.

Regarding study limitations, it is important to note that participants’ vigilance was informed themselves. For this reason, he may have biases that also make it difficult to compare one person to another. This is something the study authors hope to measure more specifically in future studies, so much remains to be learned. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to exercise and eat a healthy breakfast every morning, as well as sleep at least 7 hours a day. The wake up alert will be one of the many benefits we can get.

Source: Hiper Textual

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