The Ministry of Digital Development is preparing an alternative mechanism to support IT companies that want to receive state support to replace foreign software, Kommersant writes.

Ministry of opposition to two programs:

▪️ New system-wide software — support for changing systems, office suites and database management systems.

▪️ New industrial software – support for the development of design systems, PLM and BIM (information model of buildings and structures)

In addition to funding in the form of grants and concessional loans, IT companies receive rights in public procurement.

We were obliged to the “market in exchange for investment” scheme. The bottom line is that the developer, in agreement with his own funds, creates or refines his software product in accordance with the requirements of the main industry customers. In return, customers to participate in the purchase are required to choose the product that is funded by the developer.

Kommersant’s source

it is assumed that the financing of the Russian Federation will be provided by the Skolkovo Foundation and the Russian Information Technology Support Fund (RFRIT). But the funds do not have enough funds to finance all projects, so the Ministry of Digital Development allocates new programs. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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