JavaScript has maintained its status as the most popular programming language on GitHub this year. All of the top 5 languages ​​were unchanged from last year, but PHP lost 6th place to C++.

JavaScript retained the status of the most popular programming language on GitHub

The world’s largest web service for hosting IT and joint development projects, GitHub, has published an annual report listing the most popular programming languages ​​on its site. JavaScript has been the leader for several years.

Python, Java, Typescript, and C# rank second, third, fourth, and fifth, maintaining their positions compared to the past two years. C++ moved up to sixth place, displacing PHP.

The number of GitHub users in 2022 grew by 30% to reach 94 million, while in 2020 there were 56 million users on the platform. The number of registered repositories on GitHub has exceeded 340 million.

The largest number of new GitHub users registered in 2022 are in India (2.5 million), China (1.2 million), Brazil (924,000), and Russia (582,000)


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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