Not long ago, it was known that there is a messaging application. What’s up? I was trying to provide a simple way for users to send messages to themselves. And the truth is, tests have started with some selected individuals. Things must have gone much better than expected now that the company owned by Meta has decided to start with the global launch.

The truth is, it was felt that implementing this new option shouldn’t cause too much trouble in the usability department. This is because only one new permanent chat that posts can be made and only visible to the user himself. Another thing is what it has to do with servers, where the firm must have an adequate infrastructure for the service to be efficient as well as stable.

Even so, WhatsApp decided it could be. start distribution global, but that will be slow. Therefore, it may take some time (we’re talking weeks at most) before some can enjoy this possibility, noting that the app has been around for a long time in competitors like Telegram or Signal. they have amply demonstrated that it is a charm and the usefulness of this function is indisputable.

Very simple operation

Called Message Yourself, this is one of the keys that must be met before you can see this new option roll out among users. And the truth is, they didn’t want to take risks and use a system that was as intuitive as it was known for its ease of use. Simply, when the option is used To send You will see something before the WhatsApp app itself or anything else personal chat that it is possible to send information to oneself. Once selected, the process is the same as the usual process to date.

Send a message to yourself on WhatsApp

What’s up?

Sending options are wide as it will be possible to send text to multimedia content. what is unknown whether there is some kind of limit on the amount of information it functions as a miniaturized personal cloud that can be stored in this way, to put it in a way. And this is key, because the usage may be higher or lower depending on this detail not mentioned in the source of information.

Arrival for all WhatsApp users

Contrary to what has happened in other cases, the company has confirmed that the distribution is genuine for both versions. iOS application like this Android. In this way, it is aimed that the function will be in global use quickly and effectively. In other words, in this case, especially when using the WhatsApp test channel, the differences that exist in other arrivals will not be seen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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