The VK Play Live platform has completed a closed beta test – now everyone can stream, a representative of the service told RB.RU. In addition, as of December 1, the streamer support program begins.

VK Play Live has opened the opportunity to stream to everyone

Beta testing has been running since August 2022, with over 10,000 streamer requests. In three months, more than 11 thousand broadcasts lasting 57.5 thousand hours were made on VK Play Live and 26 updates were added.

VK Play Live is also launching a support program for “small and medium streamers”. This group includes streamers whose maximum number of viewers at one time does not exceed 300 people.

The program will include multiple seasons, each of which will change the metrics and rewards. Streamers will be assigned one of five tiers, which will determine the level of their compensation.

VK Play Live allows you to go live, watch and broadcast in 4k quality, chat, create paid subscriptions to the transmitter’s channel from 10 rubles and more, and more. The commission for all paid subscriptions is 10%. Mobile applications of the same name are available on Google Play and RuStore.


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Source: RB

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