The market needs to understand a bitter truth: without data analysis and metrics, there is no social media strategy.

When we talk about data in digital marketing and especially networks, we treat it on the same level as Communication. Both go hand in hand, as everything produced and shared is only valid as a strategy for a company if it can be analysed.

Leveraging the full potential of social networks to create endless databases of insights is more than necessary. Think with me: People revealing their daily lives, experiences, expectations, needs, desires and ideas through networks. It is precisely this information that every brand wants to understand about the consumer. The data is there and easy to access, we just need to know how to compile it and use it strategically.

This is where the need for specialization arises, namely for Social Media Intelligence professionals.

No matter how unpretentious they may seem, these experts are behind every post. You can visit the social media of major companies and be sure of the hard work of a team that analyzes page results, consumer behavior and every step users take during their experience in that space for each post.

All this is done to understand the best path to follow in the next posts in continuous optimization. Numbers don’t lie. they allow communication is assertive, a real bond is formed between the brand and its followers.and the company taking advantage of the best opportunities to position itself.

To illustrate further, take a look at some of the possible insights and actions from Social Intelligence:

  • Creating the profile of the public and the personality of the business;

  • Understand which editorials generate the most conversations among brand and followers;

  • Capture users’ average feeling about the content;

  • Evaluate the amount and type of brand mentions (positive, negative or neutral) in a given period;

  • Find out which influencers are the most popular with this audience;

  • Know the retention rate of the published content.

marketing and data

These and many other findings are “hidden” in social media data. These are particularly important insights for paid media, as ads need to be highly optimized to achieve the best return on investment. With the data observed in organic shares, it is possible to have a good idea about the type of content that is most accepted by the public.

Finally, it should be clear that each brand will have its own actions based on what is discovered with Social Intelligence. Some large companies are already using this data to help launch new products and services, or even predict and timely reverse crises.

Constant monitoring of social networks is like a thermometer with several indicators, but the main one it’s always about understanding what works and what doesn’t. in company communications.


Larissa Silva is Communications Coordinator at Raccoon.Monks, a full-service digital solutions agency with clients including Natura, XP Inc., Google, Nubank, C&A, Grupo Big and YDUQS. The company merged with S4 Capital group, a digital advertising conglomerate founded by Martin Sorrell in 2021, changing its name to Raccoon.Monks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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