In an article published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesScientists at the University of California (UC) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) probably another mass extinction It occurred during the Ediacaran period of the Neoproterozoic era, about 550 million years ago.🇧🇷

According to scientists, the Earth is currently experiencing a mass extinction and it is no surprise that many species are in danger of extinction. The new research suggests that, contrary to what many think, another mass extinction occurred about 550 million years ago, very similar to the one currently occurring.

Scientists say they can’t confirm that it really was a mass extinction event, but the percentage of extinct organisms is similar to other cases like the current one. The study shows that about 80% of all living things went extinct during the Ediacaran era, which are considered to be the first complex multicellular life forms on Earth.

They argue that the cause of death was a decrease in oxygen levels, and that probably only those creatures that needed less oxygen survived. Thus, we would be experiencing the 7th extinction event on Earth – officially for now, most scientists believe we are experiencing the 6th such event.

mass extinction

“The geological record shows that the world’s oceans lost a lot of oxygen during this period, and the few surviving species had bodies adapted to environments with less oxygen,” said Chenyi Tu, a UC paleoecologist and study co-author.

Documenting the 550-million-year-old event is more complicated, according to the researchers, because species at that time had soft bodies, unlike later extinctions. Find the fossil record of these creatures.

One of the aims of the study is to refute the idea that the decline of animal life during the Ediacaran period was not an extinction. The scientists were able to analyze that these animals were not moved or eaten elsewhere, they believe these creatures died out in a mass extinction event.

Source: Tec Mundo

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