Apple’s vice president of engineering, responsible for developing CarPlay, FaceTime group calls, and AirPlay, Jon Stauffer will approve the proposal.

He assembled the Roblox engineering team after 24 years at Apple. Roblox CTO Daniel Shturman that they are finding use for Stauffer’s high security level.

Stauffer himself admitted that he was not looking for a new job, but Roblox’s offer was very intriguing.

Apple loses Interactive Media Group top manager in 14 years due to Roblox

Apple’s vice president of engineering, who was responsible for areas such as CarPlay and Group FaceTime, is leaving the company. John Stauffer is set to take on his new role as VP of Engineering at Roblox after over two decades at Apple and 14 years as an executive. According to Axios, Stauffer was chosen by Roblox after a conversation [?]

Source: Iphones RU

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