new details about MIUI 14 It was leaked ahead of the official presentation of the updated interface of Xiaomi mobiles with the series, which will take place this Thursday (1) Xiaomi 13 from cell phones. The underlying software android 13It will have many new features and promises to optimize the memory usage and energy consumption of devices.

One of the main innovations of the update is a greater number of customization options, according to information posted by Twitter profile @kacskrz on Wednesday (30). Users will, for example, be able to control “Super Icons”, a revamped animated widget format, and add folders to the home screen.

Already Xiaomi’s voice assistant will be updated to recognize more commandsthe ability to perform tasks such as scanning documents, translations and deciphering searches, among other things. Improvements to search functionality are also planned, with results sorted by history and categories.

Another prominent feature of MIUI 14 is, Mi Smart Hub app, with the arrival of a new layout and support for more devices (headphones, smart TVs, tablets, etc.) made by the Chinese giant. Pairing and connection stability with these devices have also been improved.

What else has changed?

HE The changelog of the new version of the Xiaomi interface has been leaked suggests that it introduces an advanced system architecture, with fewer pre-installed apps🇧🇷 The software should also have better RAM and battery management, which means more performance and extended autonomy🇧🇷

There are also changes to the privacy settings that cause user data to be stored only locally on the device itself, rather than being saved in the cloud. More wireless card reader support and increased connection speed using mobile data when the Wi-Fi signal is weak are some of the other new additions.

It is important to emphasize that some of the new functions should be limited to MIUI 14, which is made available in China, and differs compared to the global version. The update should start rolling out to compatible smartphones soon, including the brand’s new best-in-class.

Source: Tec Mundo

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