In the context of the II Congress of Young Scientists currently taking place on the territory of the Sirius Park, an unusual robot, also called a robot cat or simply Sbercat, was presented at the Sberbank booth.

The robot cat, the development was carried out as an academic project, can purr, meow, hear a person, actively respond to his call and whom, as representatives of Sberbank representatives in general, present at the meeting, heading “all the main real functions of cats.”

Which is quite predictably based on an open platform from the Celestial Empire, its external parts are painted, and the eyes imitate glass, for the installation of LEDs.

At the same time, it is argued that “Sbercat” is practically indistinguishable from a live cat, and if in terms of functionality one can still somehow agree with this, then there are many questions.

Source: Tech Cult

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