Helicopter accident that occurred on Friday (25) in Villefranche-sur-mer, France, Death of 53-year-old Russian billionaire Vyacheslav Taran🇧🇷 Third death in a month of cryptocurrency managers under mysterious circumstances. Before Taran, Chinese Tiantian Ulder (23) died on Wednesday, and the body of another Russian, Nikolai Mushegian, was found on the beach on 29 October.

Owner of Libertex cryptocurrency company, Sponsor of Bayern Munich and Tottenham clubs, Taran was traveling in a Monacair helicopter from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Monaco. However, the plane crashed in the French Alps around 2 pm.

The two circumstances raised some questions about the accident that also claimed the life of the 35-year-old. First, the cause of the accident, which occurred in good weather and good visibility conditions, could not be determined; second concerns to a passenger who will be traveling with him but has fallen off the plane shortly before boarding.

How did other cryptocurrency managers die?

Tiantian Ulder, a former operator of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs banks, was the co-founder of Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency firm Amber Group. According to the news on the official website of the company, TT, as it is known, Accidentally died in his sleep at the age of 30 and leaves a wife and a son.

The body of Russian Nikolai Mushegian was also found dead by a surfer late last month on Ashford Beach, a beach in Puerto Rico. By Washington Post, The 29-year-old was out for a walk from his luxury beach house, but supposedly drowned after being dragged by the dangerous sea currents of the place.

Oddly enough, the death of the developer of blockchain-based decentralized financial platforms that promised to end global banking corruption, On the eve of his death, he tweeted that the US and Israeli secret services – the CIA and the Mossad – would kill him.

Source: Tec Mundo

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