Championship Every football world attracts the attention of millions of fans. At the same time, the judiciary is subjected to strong pressure from the fans. But now it’s easier for referees to insist on their point of view – FIFA has started using new balls, damn it. This approach allows disputes to be considered on the playing field when it is not obvious who scored the goal.

The World Cup in Qatar evaluates the technology and usefulness of such balls. One of the requirements, like smartphones. There are two types of sensors inside. With their help, the collection and transmission of data on the position of the ball, speed is kept, there are touches with frequent polling 500 ass 500. Similar sensors are fixed at 29 points of all players. Information with n p is transmitted with fewer meetings, but it is enough to accurately determine the position and actions of the fob pr.

These two subdomains of information are superimposed on the video. In any video choir performance, it is possible to determine exactly where the ball will hit and any of the players. Damn, a new technology to prove its content, the situation that has arisen in a nazhzherya.. I did not say anything, because the author of Byl Christiano Ronaldo did not analyze the goal of Danny “Give” Bruno Fernandez.

Soccer ball

Source: Tech Cult

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