Google wants to end the passivity of some users when it comes to changing passwords used to log into platforms or websites that have been compromised. The Chrome browser for Android, which already warns you when your password is leaked, is now allows you to automatically change your password with the help of the Google Assistant.

Mountain View announced the feature in May 2021 at its annual developer conference, but has yet to begin rolling it out to Android devices. In this case, the company displays a pop-up notification in Chrome that the password has been compromised and offers the option to change this key automatically using its helperor decline this option and continue browsing. The app specifically displays the following notification: “Chrome detected the password you just used in a data breach. Your Google Assistant can automatically change your password.”

When you click on the automatic password change button, Chrome will open a new confirmation page with a warning about the data that the company will collect to use the assistant. Taking, Google Assistant will redirect the user directly to the password change section of that website or service.. The wizard also does the rest of the process.

Specifically, it generates a new password that the user can accept or reject. If you accept it will be saved in the password manager of the corresponding Google account. Remember that this administrator allows you to automatically enter a passcode every time a person tries to sign in to this website, platform, or service through Chrome. Therefore, it is not necessary to remember this.

In any case, you can change your password at any time and turn on a more personal one if you like. If this key is compromised again and Google Chrome detects it, it will reactivate the warning with the option to automatically change the password.

Chrome is not the only browser that warns about password compromise.

Safari iOS 15 | Chrome

This new feature is starting to roll out to Chrome for Android users and seems to be enabled automatically. That is, without the need for a special upgrade. Therefore, it may take several days to access all devices. It is currently unknown if it is also available for the Chrome app on iOS.

Safari, however, also alerts you when a password comes up as a result of a data breach and is therefore in danger of being compromised. Alerts appear in the browser itself, as in Chrome, as well as in the “Passwords” section of iPhone settings. Apple also offers direct access to the password change section of the respective websiteso that also simplifies the process.

Source: Hiper Textual

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