In 2023, the advertising market in Russia will start to recover: it will grow by 10% after falling by 25-30% in 2022. Local companies will increase advertising investment by at least 20%.

The Russian advertising market will grow by 10% in 2023

In terms of advertising budgets, full import substitution should be expected no earlier than 2024-2025, Izvestia writes, citing the NMi Group forecast.

Most of the company’s advertising budget will go toward television advertising, which gives the most coverage but also costs more than other channels. In second place is the digital direction, companies that are used to selling a significant part of the goods through these channels will invest in it.

By 2023, radio will overtake outdoor advertising and take third place in terms of advertising budget. Next year, advertising in the markets will grow – this is a two-in-one channel: a store and an advertising platform. In the context of the increasing rotation of the markets, this channel becomes more and more attractive for commerce and manufacturers. It will also be followed by social media and advertising.


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Source: RB

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