If you follow football, the scene described below is pretty common: A player drinks some liquid and then spits it out onto the field. But what is the science behind it? According to experts, the attitude is probably not due to the athletes’ lack of training, but rather a technique called “”.carb rinse” can be translated as “carb rinse” in Portuguese.

The technique basically consists of rinsing a carbohydrate solution to trick the brain – the brain is activated by receptors in the mouth to think “food is coming”. This activates the player’s reward system, and as a result, the central nervous system generates income in the hope that soon more energy will be available. See how this works below.

How to do a carb rinse?

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No, nobody slurps the pasta. Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate produced from the partial breakdown (hydrolysis) of starch, is a supplement used to prepare the solution, which is generally used by athletes who do long-term sports.

In rinsing with carbohydrates, a behavior already seen in many teams during this World Cup, the athlete cheeks the solution for five to ten seconds and then spits out. This is done to improve focus and performance and reduce fatigue.

England captain Harry Kane and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo are examples of players who have been seen practicing the technique.

But why don’t they drink the drink?

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According to experts, even sipping on a carbohydrate-laden drink is refreshing and also prevents the bloating or cramping sensation that can occur when swallowing liquid while exercising.

Carb rinses have actually been shown to provide an energy boost and make your muscles work harder without the unpleasant part of physical discomfort.

The science behind the carb rinse

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according to the magazine RunningThe first study to suggest this was published in 2004. Testing on cyclists showed that those who practiced carb rinses were one minute faster in a 40km time trial.

Another study, this time with fencers, showed athletes greater thrust accuracy after washing with carbohydrates. In a 2014 literature review, physiologist Trent Stellingwerf of the Canadian Pacific Institute of Sport examined 61 studies with 679 participants and found that in 82% of them there was a significant benefit in the performance of athletes after using the technique.

Another 2015 study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism found that 12 competitive male athletes experienced less fatigue after washing up with carbs.

A study published in 2017 in the European Journal of Sports Science found that a carbohydrate rinse improves performance in a variety of activities. The team tested 12 healthy men in their 20s. After the carb wash, they jumped higher, did more bench presses and squats, ran faster, and were more alert.

But you can’t fool the brain for very long: According to recent research, the benefits of carb rinsing only last about 15 minutes.

Cup Carbohydrate Rinse

f by Hebi B., Pixabay

David Ferguson, professor of physiology, said in an interview with the newspaper: NY Timesrinsing seems to help football players feel less tired and increase their alertness – this is especially important after more than 90 minutes of play.

He said the mouthwash maximizes the focus of athletes not succumbing to fatigue, rather than forcing them to run faster or kick harder, “so they can put themselves in the right position to make the right shot.”

The technique can therefore be useful when the game goes to penalties, for example – when the team is already exhausted and could benefit from a “brain boost”.

And have you ever heard of a carb rinse? What do you think of his technique? Tell us on social media!

Source: Tec Mundo

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