Elon Musk continues to announce news for Twitter, despite the fact that some of the features he promised for the social network, such as Twitter Blue improvements or new confirmation badges, remain the same. The mogul posted several tweets confirming some features coming “in a few weeks” and which aim to improve the user experience when browsing the platform. One of them is the ability to see how many views a tweet had.

According to Muskability to see views on tweets This will be similar to the video views that users post on Twitter. Therefore, and in the absence of further details to support this, it is likely that anyone can see a counter with the number of views of this tweet by other users, even if this post is not yours.

Until now, let’s remember only the author of the tweet can see the views of this post. If, in addition, the metrics tool is activated in your profile. Twitter also shows “impressions”. That is, how many times this post appeared on Twitter. Thus, visualizations in tweets will allow users to know in more detail how much reach this message has received. mail. A scale that we can currently only measure by “likes” or “retweets”.

Twitter will also notify you if an account has been “shadowbanned”.

Twitter, Elon Musk

Twitter’s CEO also revealed that the platform will soon reveal the “true status” of accounts. so that any user can know if it was shadowban. That is, if the platform’s algorithm has hidden your content from other users. The reason for this action and the possibility of an appeal will be displayed, Musk said.

This is exactly what Instagram also announced a few hours ago. In this case, the goal is to allow creators know what post or content is limiting reach among those who are not a follower. Well, until now, users could only suspect a “shadowban” by checking their stats and distinguishing them from their previous stats.

Along with Elon Musk was confirmed what will release over 1.5 billion usernames twitter of those accounts without tweets and without login for years.

Source: Hiper Textual

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