It was an open secret Disney+ it would charge a fee along with ads to give users more options. Well, the first step has already been taken to make this a reality all over the world: it is now possible to use in the USA. So this platform follows in Netflix’s footsteps and proves that the latter is not wrong.

The aim with this move is to generate a higher income and thus make it completely possible. get benefit With the video streaming service in 2025, that was the original idea Mickey’s company had from the start (and that it wouldn’t be expensive to achieve if the same way of working was maintained). So, like it or not, this is how things are going and of course many other platforms will follow suit.

Disney+ takes a different path from Netflix

This is something that should be very clear. new plan with ads named Disney+ Basic practically exists and is the same to this day (even if everything is like in the USA, will keep the price 8.99 euros). And unlike what Netflix did at the time, it was decided to create a new subscription that would be more expensive and would prevent ads from being seen. That’s normal, it costs €10.99). So instead of reducing costs, it goes up. We’ll see how it works.

New Disney+ deals in the US


The interesting thing is, if you don’t have trouble seeing, 15, 30 or 45 second ads, you can access the entire Disney+ catalog, something that Netflix doesn’t have. In addition, the service can be used simultaneously from four different devices. And it could be something that keeps users active. Also, and this is important, it should be clear that content cannot be downloaded -so you can only watch movies and series over an internet connection-.

Image quality is something of great value

This is something that should always be important, and here’s the great news of the new Disney + Basic. maintains resolution 4K and also, it doesn’t lack compatibility with options like Dolby Vision and HDR10. That’s why we’re talking about perfect precision that is sure to be used to the fullest in today’s televisions. All in all, it’s not a bad option compared to Disney+ Premium, which is the name of the option where there will be no ads.

The arrival of these plans in Spain will take place sometime in 2023, so if you’re one of those with an account, you should start with deciding whether you want to see ads when viewing content like Star Wars or Marvel’s. But what is certain is that the moment is unstoppable whether you want it or not.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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