The Australian company Soar Earth has published snapshots of the construction work on the “line” project – a bizarre mega-urban project with video of the 170 km route at a high price and a high price of $ 500 billion. In position there is a new visit to the map this week and the center of the first day, with a minimum of 9 million. of people. I don’t have a number of questions.

Firstly, other field survey imagery is not located at the construction site at the mouth. Projects of this scale and with such volumes always attract attention. According to some information, 425 earth-moving machines are currently working on the project, 2 6. cub. I’m grumpy, can’t you see it? It is unlikely that one satellite operator collects all, and all the others do not.

The project is still being criticized for other justice: for example, due to several death sentences to the leaders of the peoples, a metropolis will be built through the discovery of land. Allegedly, those are not our common language with the Vastyas of Sov Arabia, their poet indicatively disappeared in order to reappear. There is no confirmation of this information, just as there are no expected results about the construction of an incredible city in the desert, but rumors about it are multiplying every day.

Megapolis Main camp of the working project

Source: Tech Cult

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