The end-to-end business intelligence system Roistat has launched the “SMS targeting” service, which allows you to send SMS to site visitors, even if they did not leave a phone number. This was reported to RB.RU by a company representative.

A service has been launched to send SMS to site visitors who did not leave a phone number

To do this, the company cooperates with telecommunication operators: SMS targeting combines data on site visits with data from mobile operators.

The developers call their product an alternative to the social networks Google Ads and Meta*. Roistat believes that after the blocking of these services, the company cannot provide the same amount of advertising traffic and the cost of attracting on available channels is growing.

The company’s SMS guidance service is free, payment is made only for SMS messages. The cost of one message is 9 rubles. It will increase if the sender wants to use a non-standard template.

How does it work:

  • the advertiser creates an advertising campaign, indicates the site and the dates of visits to the site, excludes existing customers from the recipients, if necessary;
  • then the budget and delivery time are set, after which the generated advertising campaign is sent to the telecom operators;
  • on the side of telecommunication operators, an audience of SMS recipients is formed based on the data of visits to a particular site and taking into account the consent of users to receive advertising mail.

With “SMS targeting” you can send a message to visitors to third-party sites, such as competitor sites or sites with similar products or services. Roistat ensures that the advertiser does not receive a database of numbers, only the opportunity to send a message. Previously, the service worked in closed beta testing mode.


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Source: RB

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