If you are one of the many people who use calls What’s up?For those who have almost become a standard since the pandemic (especially those who use video), you should know that the company has announced that it is adding new features for this functionality that is already an integral part of the app.

In a statement published by him on the WhatsApp blog, new functions that come to calls are listed. Many of them were already known because they were being tested in the test version of the application. However, after that, innovations all users beneficiaries of the development will be able to use it -as it has become universal within the service born as online messaging.

News coming to WhatsApp for everyone

Among the new options that everyone from all over the world can benefit from, 32 people in a video call at the same time. That is, the number increases significantly. This allows for so much more enjoyment and finally for everyone to connect in celebrations. By the way, another of the best concerns the possibility of sending messages to the participants, and also the person who created the call will be able to send messages. mute for those who don’t give up.

News in WhatsApp video calls

What’s up?

On the other hand, Links To access a scheduled or ongoing call, these are also available to all users. That way, you can make sure everyone you need to join has this item, which takes you directly to where everyone is on WhatsApp by pressing this item. By the way, now whenever someone comes to a small place banner lower reporting this and hence no more surprises.

Everything else that comes to the app

These have to do with the UI and the truth is they are positive. An example colorful waves this is for those who can’t access the camera anymore so you know you’re saying something. It was also announced for iOS that the Image by Image option will be introduced, which shrinks the search screen so you can do other things while staying active. That’s why the best WhatsApp has to offer is important, and above all, we’re talking about improvements that everyone will enjoy (you need to use the latest version of the app to access the news).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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