You may have had to post-it a website more than once to leave a reminder or detail to remember the next time you access it. This is not usually offered by default by most used operating systems such as those running on computers or mobile devices, but there is a very useful solution for the browser. Google Chrome.

There is an extension for this development that allows you to achieve exactly that, and best of all, performance is very good because it’s full of options. we talk about Beans, a development available for free and completely safe with Google’s work. To download, all you have to do is go to this link and click the button on the page that appears. add to chrome (You can do the same in Microsoft Edge, as the software is compatible).

What does this extension offer for Chrome?

To begin with, it’s really simple to use, because to add a post-it note to the page you’re on, you just have to right-click on any space on the page and do it from the options that pop up. , choose create sticky note. At this point, you can add the text you want. By the way, if you press outside it stops bothering you on the screen as it shrinks to a small yellow icon that you can move around without any issues.

Using the Beanote Extension in Google Chrome


There is also an option to choose between the possibilities available in Beanote. part of the text there will be a web that will contain the corresponding note (to do this, select everything selected and when done, click the right mouse button to select it. create sticky note here). you can even to emphasize something To do this, use the extension’s toolbar or enable a ‘pin’ so that the created post-it cannot be moved or resized.

Is it possible to review all notes?

The answer is yes, because Beanote for Google Chrome offers this possibility. When accessing browser extensions, if you turn it on, you can choose an option called. pages To be able to review all the notes you are adding. There is also the website it is associated with. This makes it easy to navigate directly, and the software even reminds you of important pages (and improves bookmarks by reviewing why). An excellent tool that you will definitely start using.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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