The level of confidence in Apple has always been high. Let there be innovations somewhere or just technologically improved not so much, but they almost always hit right on target.

I remember the first time I bought AirPods of the second generation after the “break-in” of the first. It was an incredible feeling of comfort and only positive sound.

When the sound of the usual “airpods” was not enough, I began to look towards the AirPods Pro. Add to that the excellent noise cancellation and you’ve got near-reference wireless headphones.

I spent almost 2 years with “proshki”, the operating time made itself felt. The accessory began to discharge quickly, a replacement was required. And then the question of choice arose: take cheaper AirPods Pro or immediately switch to their second generation.

After reading Nikita’s review and listening to them from a friend, the problem of choice faded into the background.

In total, three main reasons were found to switch to second-generation AirPods Pro.

Reason #1. Completely different level of noise reduction

When viewing the autumn presentation of Apple, it was clear that the noise reduction system was redone. But the noise canceling itself has changed a lot.

If earlier I could not hear the noise of passing cars, but at the same time I noticed in the subway that sounds of low volume were felt, now this problem has completely disappeared. From now on, the rattles of wagons only when the music is off. And then, they do not focus on themselves, only a slightly sounding background.

In places, it even seems that local noise does not work much worse than full-size headphones. I practically do not hear anything that could interfere in this or that situation. On the plane, however, did not check. However, judging by the fact that the past “proshki” cut out all extraneous sounds even in the cabin, I have no doubts here.

But the reworked mode of operation is story. He literally adapts to normal everything on the go.

Partly it happened that for some reason it was inconvenient for me to remove the AirPod from my ear, and, for example, someone identified me on the street. The sound in the accessory sounds sometimes distorted speech, swallowing some of the words. I can’t figure out what is required of me. I had to listen to everyone from the hands and listen to the listeners.

With the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, things are very different. It seemed as if the microphones focus all attention on the speaker and filter out extraneous sounds completely. The voices of the people began to be called more pure, nothing is hidden, although partially.

As mentioned above about construction, the “transparency” of the situation is the same. I hear everything that is happening around, but specifically it is not. It’s like she doesn’t exist.

A couple of days ago a car followed me in the yards, I did not notice it. So when he honked, I heard this sound, but it was not as sharp as you usually hear without noise reduction. He is slightly muted and not so struggling on the ears.

Reason number 2. They sit comfortably in the ears. Also the case now with sound

In general, I had no particular complaints about the previous generation. The headphones fit the shape of my ears, but the left one sometimes sounded wobbly.

Changed complete ear pads, bought new ones. And with the left ear the problem did not go. All the same, at least a little, but the headphones fidgeted.

In AirPods Pro 2, the design remains the same, but the shape has changed quite a bit. Feature at the top of the accessory. And it was this change that seemed to be decisive for my left ear. Luft is no moresits tightly and does not strive to “wash off”.

I also liked the fact that the case now responds to any of my actions. I especially liked that when you close the covers with the wallpaper of the headphones, it makes a separate sound, they say, everything is in place and connected.

In the past generation, it was annoying that one of the charges did not charge in the case after the dispensing time. It needed to be rebuilt. But you will only know about the problem after the fact, when you decide to stick it in your ear or look at the charge level from your iPhone. Here is some confirmation that everything is fine.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about a nice little thing in the video volume control via headphones. Or I either reached into my pocket for an iPhone, or changed it there, or requested Siri.

Now it is enough to observe up or down the leg and that’s it. Very comfortable, I don’t know what Nikita didn’t like.

Reason number 3. The sound became even more pleasant, although not louder

Apparently: I did not hear a colossal difference in sound, although I had already listened to a large number of compositions.

Yes, there are differences, but they are not so noticeable. And the fact that you need to listen to music with headphones immediately after the first generation, otherwise there may be increased sensitivity to use.

You really have to really pick on the sound to feel the novelty. Such people will notice the differences: bass is deeper, vocals are louder and clearer. For other people, everything will be about the same. The only thing is that the bass, as it seemed to me, has become more. It vibrates more often and opens up better where regular AirPods Pro couldn’t.

Otherwise, the sound was good, but not the best among the participants. Here, after all, the gain comes at the expense of other technologies, although the named “airpods” do not turn out to be at least a little backward.

And a little bit of trivia

• I personally did not need a cutout for the eyelet, I have a cover for the case

• the case is scratched in the same way as before and before – on the air

• seems to have fixed the problem with the fact that one earphone may not connect to the iPhone (the last generation had such a distribution problem, at least three people with a similar “jamb”)

In general, I do not regret switching to AirPods Pro 2. There are more positive little things, and they are strongly associated with particles.

You can buy new AirPods Pro 2 in Russia for 26,990 rubles. In re:Store they are average, including trade-in or installment.

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