In the coming years, a private research station Blue Origin Orbital Reef may appear in near-Earth orbit, where it is supposed to live and work in comfortable conditions. This is supposed to be bet mod r s s s s s s s s s s house material no material. It is expected that the project will be implemented by 2030 – but first you need to check its prototype, which is bitsy pro.

To solve this problem, the Sierra Space startup was involved in the project, which is engaged in the creation of various long distinguishable . A pre-designed inflatable “space module” design was mounted on a test rig. Then inside she began to pump air. The pressure grew until the prototype living area exploded with a deafening crack, and its fragments did not shatter. The pressure that led to the destruction of the hull made of woven and sewn coatings at the time of the explosion reached 2.4 kg m.

Despite the fact that the prototype Orbital Reef burst, it can be considered a success. The pressure that shattered it, extremely high demands to ensure that people could safely enter it. I bought a firm weighing 2.1 kg. In addition, the presence of such repeated successful tests is proved by the designation of moments like re-OLS They are important aspects for the registration of a future orbital module.

Source: Tech Cult

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