beeline summed up the results of the large-scale competition “Your story with beeline”, timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the company.

As a reminder, the participants sent in their incredible stories, in which connections were discovered or the brands themselves were discovered in their lives. Of the 5000 posts, the jury chose only 5. There are many more stories chosen among the beeline employees.

The operator published the performance in a road movie format based on the stories of the finalists. The premiere of the performance is already available on the Beeline TV service and in the operator’s community on the VKontakte social network.

Completely completed project. For the first time in the history of road movies, theatrical incidents happened, where the best Moscow actors play not just in love with classical features, but the liveliest beelines. Behind each bright character is an incredible professional acting work of each of the participants. And the whole team is very sorry that the project was held in an exclusive format and was available only once.

— Georgy Dolmazyan, director of the play

At the beginning of the decision, the participation of theater and film actors is expected: Nikita Efremov, Polina Kutepova, Vladimir Sterzhakov and others. The performance was directed by Georgy Dolmazyan.

We have a great team that is working on the performance. And the director is wonderful, and all the partners of the artists, and those who are involved in the production and release of this performance. And from the very first rehearsal, we somehow did not even waste time spreading a common language and immediately began to study, laugh and make friends.

I am always very impressed when such meetings take place very easily, lively and energetically. It was as if we all, as in this play, met in some kind of compartment, made friends, met common points of contact and told each other our stories that were close to our hearts.

I decided to take part in this action, because now it is very important to keep in touch with each other, and I am grateful to the beeline for doing this.

— Nikita Efremov, actor

At the end of the spectacle, the winner of the competition was awarded. had Elena Tarasova from Moscow came down “Love at first voice.”

Full five finalists:

one. Elena Tarasova from Moscow
2. Denis Lake from Omsk
3. Vasily Trofimov from Astrakhan
four. Alena Vasilyeva from St. Petersburg
5. Viktor Popov from the Perm Territory

All of them received certificates for 30 years of standard communication from Beeline, and Tarasova was awarded 1 million rubles.

Employees-operators who shared their stories received certificates for 100,000 rubles, which can be spent on vacation in a country hotel for the weekend.

A recording of the performance based on the events of the finalists is already available here.

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