THEM Google getting ready to do Important transition in Chrome codeshowever, it decided to delay the change due to complaints from developers who were concerned about the impact of the change on browser extensions, especially ad-blocking extensions.

The friction is due to Google starting to lay the groundwork to move its browser base from a different platform. Manifest V2 (MV2) to Manifest V3 (MV3), a more up-to-date version that promises more security. However, the argument is that this change will break the way adblock extensions work and prevent them from fully working.

It is important to note that the change will occur in the Chromium code, not the specific Chrome browser. This means that other browsers based on the same build, such as Edge, Opera, and Brave, should also be affected.

This meant there was a lot of pressure not to make the change, and Google decided to at least delay the change. Previously, the plan was to migrate to MV3 in Chrome beta channels as early as January 2023, gradually expanding the testing phase to stable versions of the browser throughout the year, and finally arriving in January 2024 with the migration complete across all browser versions.

Now, as the updated roadmap image shows, the start of testing on Chrome’s beta channels has been delayed and other phases of the plan appear to be “under review”.

Other concerns from developers about the impact of the transition were taken into account, which caused the delay. However, this does not mean that Google has given up on the change. The company reported that it will announce a new transition program in March 2023.

Source: Tec Mundo

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