Stage “Wing-SV”, project image

Specialists of the Russian Siberian Research Institute of Aviation (SibNIA) named after Chaplygin began flight tests of the returning (reusable) stage, which today is called “Krylo-SV”. Consistently requiring a guide sibnia, in the permission of a barsk, in lans outside the tests of a promising quei s.

Back in October, Roskosmos announced the start of development of a prototype of a promising stage designed for a rocket approaching the light class, and named Krylo-SV. She was taken up by SibNIA engineers with an expert, a colleague from the Advanced Research Foundation, also known as Known Kakak.

Possible appearance of a promising launch vehiclePossible appearance of a promising launch vehicle

The Wing-SV will be actively worked on in this model and in the requirements in the next year, and, according to the results of SibNIA, a real automatic landing of the developed prototype of this stage should eventually take place.

It should be noted here that at the FPI a preliminary design of the winged stage with the name “Wing-SV” was ready in the spring of 2019, after which it was finalized at the Myasishchev Design Bureau – when the height is increased, the specified project provides for the inclusion of the stage wing itself, as well as turning off engine, after which the “Wing-SV” must return and carry out automatic landing.

Source: Tech Cult

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