NASA’s Artemis I mission successfully completed with the next capsule of the Orion spacecraft taking place on Sunday. During the flight, which lasted 25 days, he automatically collected a flyby of the Moon, made several observations of its side, after which he returned to Earth, 2.25 million km decreased.

It took about two days to search and deliver the Orion to the land. Currently o is based in vm alk c s-diego v r r r r r r

Definitely, the first thing that bulged in the eyes when examining the capsule was its charred body. The reason for this is well known: when passing through the sweaty soybeans of the atmosphere, the skin of the aparatims. From the complete combustion of a spacecraft, only a special heat-resistant shell is required.

NASA experts are waiting for a post-flight test to see which parts of the Orion can be reused as part of a manned mission, thereby saving significant funds. According to experts, “candidate number 1” can be an on-board computer. However, the main airline Artemis II presents the information stored here. a computer.

Source: Tech Cult

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